Here you will find cat trees, that fulfil basic cat needs. 

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    A classic scratching post with a round hammock.  A perfect height of pole for scratching. The majority of cats love these hammocks.

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  • 236,00 € Awailable

    A classic scratching post with a double hammock.  A perfect choice with two sleeping places. 

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  • 236,00 € In Stock

    A classic scratching post with a wooden hammock. A ensemble of soft nest, and wooden ring ensures harmony of comfort and elegance in one. Your cat will enjoy ergonomic scratching and cosy sleeping place.

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  • 80,00 € In Stock

    A classic cat scraching post with thick 12mm cotton or sisal rope. Wide base will ensure stability needed for your cat to feel safe while doing it's manicure. High scraching post will let your cat comfortably strech it's full height. A complectation of 80 or 100 cm post can be chosen.

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  • 246,00 € In Stock

    A compact scracher model that wellcomes cats of all ages and almost all weihgts - 2-12kg.  A 80cm high pole, accompanied with soft 55 cm wide round bed will ensure your cats scraching ergonomy and comfortable rest...

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