Are all beddings washable?

Yes, all beddings are washable.

Why do we need lacquering plywood?

Lacquered plywood is water-resistant and can be cleaned with detergent

How do you join poles?

We use the wooden connection to join poles. Inside wooden details are M10 screws, it ensures the stability of the product.

What is the difference between sisal and cotton rope?

Both ropes are loved by cats, but cotton rope does not leave garbage as sisal rope does. Luxucat is made with cotton rope, as well can be made with sisal rope by special order.  

Can I buy additional parts?

Yes, all poles and beddings can be bought separately.

Can I order custom made Luxucat tree?

Yes, Luxucat can be custom made. Moreover, we can adjust elements by customer needs. For example, we can change round hammock to double, or to shelve with pillow.

Where Luxucat is made?

Luxucat is made in Lithuania by family business MB Juoda katė. We are legal company and we pay taxes.

What type of bedding love cats most?

Most cats choose round hammocks, but every cat is individual and has its own taste.

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we can easily ship to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland. We also have partners in Sweden. 

What warranty do you provide?

We provide 5-year promises, that you will enjoy your Luxucat product and it will be strong and stable without any defects.