Luxucat SK19a

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Some say cat's have treir own Ferrari's...

    We heard it is LUXUCAT's one of the greatest model, and will satisfy all - from speed thursty lion to tranquil, fragile butterfly. The symphony of luxurious design and ergonomy, will be performed by a five optimally placed beds, accompanied by a 80-high pole, inviting to sharpen nails in comfort. 

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Total high: 174 cm
Base: 60 x 60 cm diameter and is 3,6 cm thickness
Pole length: 54 cm untill first sleeping place, longest pole is 86 cm
Pole diameter: 12 cm
Rope of pole : 12mm cotton or sisal
1 x wooden hammock: 50 cm outer diammeter, 40 cm inner diameter

1 x double hammock: 53 x 53 cm

Soft round bed: 50cm iouter diameter, 38 cm inner

Pillow: 45 cm  diameter

Available in grey and beige colours

Height 174
Width 108 cm
Depth 76 cm
Weight 35 kg
Rope Cotton

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